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I'm renting things that used to sit around collecting dust. Now? They collect MONEY! FriendlyRentr is turning anyone who owns anything into an entrepreneur - it is so easy to earn cash on the side renting out anything you own.

Jacques Montres

Montreal, Ontario, Canada

Thanks to FriendlyRentr, I was able to do all of my renovations without investing in expensive equipment! I saved so much money, and don't have the headaches of finding space to store that equipment for years down the line (or selling it). To think I also reduced my environmental impact? WIN-WIN-WIN! I tell everyone I know about FriendlyRentr now.

Becca Winship

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

At first I was worried about lending my stuff out - so I started by lending only to people with great feedback - and I've since started lending to just about anyone. I've yet to have a bad experience, and have found that people treat my stuff with more love than their own!

Trey MacIntyre

Toronto, Ontario, Canada